right now

by rayshine

1. This.

2. I feel the need to bake copious amounts of cupcakes and cookies.

3. I miss home.

4. I would like to visit home for reasons 2. and 3.

5. The weather is currently: COLD. And sketchy.

6. Banana bread cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Chocolate (& white chocolate) chip cookies. <– I want to make both of these. So badly. My favorite.  And this. I know the second isn’t the same obviously, but I’m on a weird banana flavor kick.  Even this looked delish today. I just really want banana nom-ness. Can you tell? I really hope that happens soon.  Plain ol bananas aren’t cutting it. I mean they’re healthy sure, but are they jacked up to AwesomeTown with cream cheese frosting? I think not.

7. Peanut butter and Nutella on an English muffin. That’s next.

8. This current unemployed-ness makes me just want to do my lil bakery thing. The whole ‘digging into my savings account’ thing already kinda puts a damper on that.. Sigh. Reality.