thoughts (from my random brain)

by rayshine

1. I just upgraded from Hotmail.  I know. You’re thinking, she’s still got Hotmail?! I have a Gmail  account too, chill.  BUT, I have to say the new Outlook is quite sleek and clean.  I like.  A lot less busy and just well, pretty.

2. I’ve been using this app for the last five weeks. Already halfway there! I must say I’m actually quite excited about doing a full 20 minutes of straight running tomorrow.  I don’t remember the last time I did more than 15 so that’s exciting.  One step at a time, right? I already downloaded the free 10k app a few weeks ago for when I’m done with this one. Here’s to progress!

3. Yesterday I was feeling ‘I hate everyone‘ kind of feelings.  Blame it on my dirty, gross neighbors that kept me up all night.  I’ll let you figure that out.  The sweet lil couple that lived there with a kid before? I think they must have moved out when I was gone or something cause they seem to have been replaced with loud, boisterous, all day/night tv watching nutjobs.  

4. I still don’t have a job.  I still dislike this process.  Nothing new to report.

5. I do believe I’m making this when I get home later this week. It’s my two favorite things in the world: cheese and bread.  Be still my heart.

6. I’m going home tomorrow! Hooray.  Less of a hooray that I’ll be sleeping in a twin bed, BUT I won’t be woken up by nasty neighbors, instead I’ll hopefully have lovely restful sleep.

7. I’m starting into Downton Abbey Season 3 tomorrow night with my Mum! She doesn’t know this yet, but I don’t think she’ll say no.  I think I’ll need to make biscuits or something in celebration.  I’ll report back once I’ve come out of the marathoning and tell you how I feel.  From what little I’ve heard, people aren’t too happy about the ending. Oh dear.  Don’t break my heart.

8. I read this book in less than 24 hours.  It was a hoot.  She’s a hoot.  I love her even more now.  Next up, this one. I’m not gonna lie, the cover kinda freaks me out. Also, is it kinda sorta weird that I’d love to have a Kindle? When I’m not flat broke and can afford it of course.  I love a good book in my hands, and will, always and forever.  But sometimes I just want a bit more convenience.  Bibliophiles everywhere are closing out of this post now.  (ha assuming bibliophiles everywhere are here, reading. Um, hi. If ANY are there.)

9. I really want to make cupcakes. Or brownies. I’m not too picky.

10. I’m weirdly looking forward to Smash tonight.  I have all these comedies (New Girl, Mindy  Project.. okay that’s only two) followed by a juicy drama.  And did you see the new eye candy? Agh. And his voice. Double agh.

Bonus – I made homefries for the first time every this week.  Holy macaroni, they were yummy.  Even better as leftovers!

Double bonus – I’m going to see fun. and Tegan & Sara this summer! WOOP WOOP!  I need more concerts in my 2013.  Let’s get on it.

Triple bonus (cause I’m insufferable) – I have been listening to Mumford & Sons’ Babel like no other.  I can’t stop. Oh, and you’re welcome. Btw, their Road to Red Rocks. EXCELLENT.